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FLEX Lunch

What is FLEX Lunch?

Huntingtown High School will continue to offer FLEX Lunch (Flexible Learning EXperience) this school year. FLEX Lunch is a one-hour lunch period in the middle of the day (between Periods 4 and 6), during which time all students will eat. This program creates opportunities to increase the instructional and extracurricular offerings available to Huntingtown High School students.

During FLEX Lunch, students will be able to:

  • Take advantage of academic programs, such as tutoring, remediation, and instructional enrichment activities.
  • Study and complete homework assignments, and make-up quizzes and tests.
  • Join extracurricular programs and attend club meetings.
  • Participate in leadership skill building opportunities.
  • Utilize computer labs and the media center to complete research, type papers, or use the Internet.
  • Foster positive relationships with administrators, teachers, and other students.

We ask that you encourage your student(s) to take full advantage of the opportunities available during the FLEX Lunch. Students struggling academically will be required to receive academic support for 30 minutes during FLEX Lunch. It is truly a privilege, as the FLEX Lunch will give students the freedom to make prudent choices to enhance their education. They will be afforded numerous chances to cultivate and advance positive and productive relationships with their peers, teachers, and administrators in the contexts of curricular and extracurricular situations.

Many students will eat lunch in the cafeteria, gymnasium lobby, or courtyard. Other students may eat in classrooms under a teacher's supervision. Throughout the school year, it will be important to maintain open lines of communications with your student(s) about the FLEX Lunch schedule. Announcements for students during FLEX Lunch will only be made in cases of emergencies. If it becomes necessary for you to pick up your child during FLEX Lunch, it is imperative that you know ahead of time where he/she plans to be or have your student arrange to meet you at the attendance office at the appropriate time.

We have found great success with FLEX Lunch, and we hope to achieve even greater success this year. On the end of year HHS Student survey an exceptional number of students state that FLEX lunch was one of things that they liked the most about Huntingtown High School . All four high schools in Calvert County have adopted this lunch model.

We look forward to continue working with everyone in the Huntingtown community to build on this program's great success. Below you will find various links related to FLEX lunch that include expectations of the students, along with the different clubs/organizations the students are able to join.

FLEX Lunch Details & Information