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The Academies

The Academies at Huntingtown High

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Huntingtown High School (HHS) has developed an Academies model organized around students’ motivated strengths that engages learners in a program of study that challenges them to participate in rigorous instructional pathways through meaningful learning experiences. The HHS academies model is a value added program designed to guide students towards courses they will find engaging and challenging based on their personal interests. Students may participate in any of the HHS academies or choose interdisciplinary studies. Additionally, students may move from one Academy to another if they choose to do so. The overarching goal of the HHS Academies model is to provide students with learning opportunities that are meaningful and exciting.

Overarching goals of the Huntingtown High School Academy Model is to help students:

  • Identify areas of interest and then explore these areas more broadly, so that they can determine if they have really found what they want to study in college or do for a living.
  • Find school more engaging and rewarding by taking part in the opportunities offered by their academy (i.e. guest speakers, field trips, internships, mentor-mentee relationships, Academy clubs and organizations, and a selection of courses they may not have otherwise considered).
  • Engage in increased rigor by providing significant learner engagement in a field of interest. Students will elect to participate in courses of their choosing for a full four years and will choose to work harder because they are highly engaged in what they are learning.


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